BE HAPPY - My Oil Paintings,Art Gallery

Taking up oil painting was one of the best decisions of my life. In my very first oil painting class I experienced a feeling of bliss.

BE HAPPY - Yoga and Meditation

I remembered when I decided to attend a yoga class for beginners. It was because I saw people walking away from yoga room with glowing faces.

BE HAPPY - Dogs and Unconditional Love

The teacher will arrive when the student is ready. When we live life with awareness open heart and mind, we will see there is a master for everyone.

BE HEALTHY - Embrace Nature

With the wind touching your skin, did you feel the wind embracing your body? And did you embrace it in return?

BE HEALTHY - Food Matters

Whenever I had a cold as a child, my mother would cook “Kaeng Som” or “Thai Yellow Curry” for me. It would make me feel better.

BE HEALTHY - Health and Beauty Regime Secrets

You can tell when someone is healthy just by looking at their skin. It is like it is vibrant from the inside out.